We are joined by East Kilbride Pirates DB coach Iain McFarlane to talk about the secondary of the defence. We talk about the different roles which make up the DB unit, how they work together and in conjunction with the other players on defence. We also talk about what attributes are required and how they are coached to play the position including how coaches develop the people playing at CB or Safety.

Today we are joined by Tony Reid of the Dunfermline Kings as he takes us behind the scenes of what is required to build an American Football team up from scratch, how to negotiate the Associate Process and what is in the day to day runnings to ensure that their team is a sustainable one and the hurdles encountered along the way.

We talk to Norman Bradford from the Hertfordshire Cheetahs u19s about special teams in the UK and why some teams love it, why some teams don't bother with it and the teams in between. We talk about what goes in to special teams and how you can teach players to play on the ST unit.

On the next part of our positional deep dive series in Britball, we talk to Rhys Taplin and talk all about the Linebacker position.

We talk about the different roles Linebackers play on defence and what attributes you want out of a linebacker.

We break down some jargon and give the defence a bit of love!

In the second part of the positional deep dive series, we are joined by James Allen to talk about the Offensive Line position in Britball.

We talk about the different positions in the O-line, the attributes needed along with the chemistry they need with each other and with the Quarterback.

We talk about how the position differs amongst Youth, Womens and the adult contact game and talk about how Britball deals with the position with regards to players.


We are joined by QB Coach Chris Hawley (@RealCoachHawley) to discuss the development of Quarterbacks as they go through their teenage years. 

What are key attributes needed from an early age and what skills can you work with and what skill areas are hard to overcome if talent isnt there. Everything from the mechanics to the mental aspect covered here.

As part of our Britball day content, we interviewed UK QB prospect George Reynolds and asked him about his journey so far. We talked about his aspirations and some of the highlights of his early career (including his trip to the Pro Bowl and having a training session with DeShaun Watson's personal coach!) as he looks towards putting in US College applications and why his dad, SkySports NFL anchor Neil should watch out if it doesn't all go to plan!

Our final podcast of Britball week sees us talk to the man at the top! Making his 3rd appearance on the podcast, he talks about his new role as the HC of the GB Lions.

Why did he take the job? What are his plans? Does that affect his other roles?

We also talk about what keeps him ticking over during Covid19 and ask him a series of questions to help you know a little bit more about our GB HC, like favourite films, books and music!

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Today we take a look a bit more into the Youth/Junior side of the game.

We head to the steel city and we talk to Kieran Williams and how he got involved with American Football. We learn about his aspirations and what he wants to achieve in the sport and with the sport. A very inspirational interview.

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Time to turn our attention to the south coast and we talk to HC Ian Ellis and Nev Reid on the playing side of things. We talk about how their support mechanisms work with regards to youth players and player development in association with the Scorpians and Hound Dogs. We also find out how Coach Ellis got into American Football and why Nev travels from St Albans to play with the team!

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